So just what has been going on recently?

Let's start with a personal rant.

Firstly we've had what is probably the driest summer in living memory; the gound was just dust for quite a long way down this year - and the glaciers have been really suffering.  The problem for me is whether it is man made or the result of something much more complicated - nature.

A hundred and fifty years ago in between Cervinia and Zermatt - the bit that is a glacier now - smugglers traveled the route without their horses touching any snow or ice at all.  Of course I'm anti pollution aren't we all?  BUT are we really causing all this global warming?  There are now otters and salmon in the Thames and pollution measuring on all our beaches.  So what is really going on? 

I've got no problems with paying to produce cleaner car engines and industrial machinery and I really can see the point in trying to stop global dimming.  Sorry to all the airline pilots I know!  But I hate to see what I regard as stealth taxes on us all to live in a so called greener world - see Joanne Nova on the subject.

End of Rant!

This weekend in St Gervais saw the Foire Agricole or known to the Brits as Cow Shit Day, since most of the market square is covered in the stuff.  An excellent day - if a tad chilly (still dry though!)  The quiz I handed out to people was met with a mixed reception "Old English Money? - I wasn't even born!"  It was won by the mob from Orpington - admittedly by using Phone a Friend and having to add the total up at least twice!  The Formby fraternity got it right first time and an hour before anyone else - they just forgot they had to be the first to get the right total back to me - so they came second by 3 minutes.  Tough - no prizes for being second!

Then of course consumption of alcohol commenced.  By the following day one friend of mine claimed he had developed shin splints by dancing too much.  - No - they are caused by being overweight and drinking too many shorts!

Skiing:  a) When will it snow and b) how much this year. Why ask me? No-one has talked about it all in the village so if we don't know.....There is a very good oracle at Delphi, I'm sure easy jet go there now.  It is colder though and there is some snow on the tops I'll continue this later after I've had a pint. (Pint happened)

I was tempted to actually try writing this after La Grange but it is now Thursday.  There is a bit more snow on the tops after some rain last night.  I'm seriously thinking about getting ready for winter now.  I'm weighing in at 86kg wanting to lose at least 6 before the season - so that's made that public!

I heard from a friend of mine in Spain who after months of inactivity is now going to do some exercise so he can get to 72kg - that's pretty good since he is starting at 65kg.  Don't you hate some people?

Now all I have to do is start an exercise plan, wish me luck.

Last updated 22/10/2009

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