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Channel Tunnel | Sea France | Hoverspeed

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Resort Rides (Best service you will get anywhere)


Mont Blanc 4 Seasons  (St Gervais - apartment hire)

Ski Bliss  (St Gervais - catered chalet)

Stanford Skiing   (Megeve)

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Chamonix Weather for 5 Days
Snow Forecast - St Gervais 6 Days
Weather in St Gervais today and this week

Information on St Gervais

The | Ski Club of Great Britain

Ski Equipment and Ski Hire

Face West  (Best online store in the U.K.)

Chamfort Sport Megeve & Mt D'Arbois (Best in Megeve)


Where is St Gervais?

St Gervais is located 70 km from Geneva International Airport, making it accessible by car, bus or train, less than 1 hour driving time.

Points of reference

    - 1 hr 15mins flight from London to Geneva

    - 1 hr flight from Paris to Geneva

    - 70 km from Geneva Airport

    - 170 km from Lyon Airport

    - Easy travel from all major European cities


The weather in St Gervais today

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